We aim to be a 5S winery “Sorting”,”Setting-in-Order”, “Shining”, “Standardizing” and “Sustaining the Discipline” can be taken for granted.

Thorough temperature control and storage for quick access to necessary tools

We carry out to keep a moderate temperature for vinification and fermentation thorough quality control.


“Filter before bottling to make a clear wine.
Bottling is automatically flow in order of “seting bottles → washing bottles → vacuum → carbon dioxide gas injection → filling → nitrogen replacement → capper → finished”.”


You can enjoy tasting in a cozy little space with the acent of wood.

Open terrace

The clear air and the scent of soil that feels the earth of nature.
On the ridgeline that runs many times, Mt. Fuji, which is extremely high, and the slope below, The vineyards that have been passed down with the history of this area spread out.