Wild grape wine series

A mountain grape series that is the origin of Cantina Hiro’s wine making. Forever from departure I named it so that I could fly infinitely. Has the meaning of departure in Italian There are three varieties: Partenza, Infinito with infinite meaning, and terno with eternal meaning. Feel the terroir to your heart’s content.

Partenza Yama Sauvignon

Flower name: Clematis
Flower language: “Beauty of the spirit”
Partenza departure

Infinito Yama Blanc

Flower name: Anthurium
Flower language: “enthusiastic”
Infinito Infinity

Eterno Yama Budo

Flower name: Senboku
Flower language: “Unchanged love”
Eterno Eternity

The flower motif is used with the idea that it is a wine that adds flowers to the table. We have visualized flowers that are close to the flower language that matches the product concept.