Cantina Hiro

Cantina on the hill with a view of Mt. Fuji.

“Cantina” means a small-sized winery making wine from grapes harvested from
its own vineyard in Italian.Cantina Hiro is located in Makioka hills in Yamanashi city,
elevation 750 meters, which is one of the best place of viticulture in Japan.
In front of the winery, there are beautiful scenery like many mountain ridges and
exceptionally high Mt. Fuji. Also, there are inherited vinyeards, that are suceeded
with the history of the district, are spread out in the slope where is right before our eyes.
Furthermore, you can find the smell of soil, the breeze blowing through the hills,
and various and expressive views where land and sky interweave.
Being sensitive to nature’s transformative quality, we are working to cultivate grapes
and make wines with our motto “Do best, be a top-notch”.

“I’d like to make Makioka called as the Barolo of Japan.”

With such hopeful thoughts, we grow grape varieties mainly crossing Italian and
Vitis coignetiae (Yamabudo), and make wine from them consistently.
We encourage the inherent potential of grapes, and carefully finish bottling wines
one by one, which are aged taking much time and effort in our clean winery.
We are challenging to make wine and grapes that has been reflected the
abundant nature of the terroir.We would hopefully
like you to enjoy the picturesque scenery of the
landscape from our terrace.

Cantina Hiro’s owner
Takehiko Hirose

Company Cantina Hiro Co., Ltd
Address 7143 Kurashina Makioka-cho, Yamanashi city, Yamanashi, Japan 404-0003
TEL +81-553-35-5555
Shop opens In order to prevent CVID-19 infection, we are only open by reservation. Please contact us in advance when you come.


Due to the COVID-19 infection, appointments are required.
Please bring no more than 4 visitors, sterilize your hands, take your temperature, and wear a mask.

Event schedule in 2020

February Experience of tree pruning and Baking sweet potatoes having lunch and wine around the bonfire.
May Tasting wine and new budding of grapes at the terrace of our winery
July Experience of covering grapes with paper hats for rain-cut and lunch at the terrace of our winery
September Experience of harvest and tasting various grapes/td>
October Experience of night harvest
November Tasting Nouveau wines with Italian lunch at our terrace.
New arrival Infection prevention measures of this winery against the new infectious
disease coronavirus Until the completion, only the shop by reservation system will be open.
(Please cooperate in disinfecting fingers, performing temperature measurement, and wearing a mask.)